I’m not actually a machine. They just call me Doodlemachine because I doodle a lot and lack a basic understanding of human emotion. That said, it makes me sad to think you’ve been without some great custom illustrations for all these years. Life is short! Even a lifeless automoton such as myself knows that. Don’t waste away thinking about what could have been. Let me draw some pictures for you. Take them, and make your dreams come true. Or put them on your fridge. Fridges have dreams too you know.
Illustrations made with Pencils, Pens, Paint, Pixels, and Paths. The 5 p's. It was going to be 6 p's, but folks didn't seem to want my illustrations made of potatoes.
Sometimes you need a complete illustration, and sometimes you just need a bunch of stuff. I draw good stuff.
Moving things grab attention. These gears grabbed your attention, otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this sentence...
Illustrations without design are illustrations without a home. Wouldn't your drawings look better in a logo, layout, or website? Yes. Yes they would.