You're just one small step away from getting in touch and starting your own custom project! When you email me be sure to let me know as much about you and your project as you'd care to share. There's more info below for your perusal. Can't wait to hear from you!

I'm just a guy. My name is André Jolicoeur. My name means "Happy Heart". I like cooking food, eating food, drawing pictures (obviously), board games, hiking, doing pushups, and playing the ukulele (I'm not very good yet). My favourite colour is green. My favourite season is Autumn. My favourite music is Tom Waits. My favourite website is My favourite food is coffee. My favourite time is night.

I have a diploma in Illustration and BAA honors degree in Illustration & Applied Arts. I started this "Doodlemachine" persona way back in 2006, and over the years it's sort of become my second personality. I've been a fulltime freelancer since then, so it's been a few years now (is it just me or are the years passing quicker these days?). In my many years of business I've worked on hundreds of projects and have had the time of my life doing them. My illustrations have appeared all over the world on billboards, magazine covers, TV shows, commercials, newspapers, websites, games, products... you name it.

I work from my house in Stirling Ontario, a small sleepy town east of Toronto. My office is inside and I do my painting in my barn. I live here with my favourite people - my wife Melissa, my big boy Oscar, and my little girl Hazel. They keep me sane when I'm not drawing. I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything.

There. Now you know about me. Tell me about you!

I want to contact you, but I'm shy...
Don't be! I don't bite.

I need this quick! Can you do it?

Hell yeah! Email me or call my cell, let me know you need a quick turnaround time. I like a challange!

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?
Probably. When I work on larger projects I get quicker and the project ends up more cohesive, which ultimately means I would charge less for each piece.

Do you work on spec?
Nope! I can accomodate any budget except zero. Get a job you freeloading hippie.

How do I know if you're available, capable, or interested in my project?
Just ask! Unfortunately I can't take on all projects. Some projects aren't for me, sometimes I'm too busy to accept new work (I'm just one man after all!), and every now & then I'm sick or on vacation. But I'm always available to review your needs and give thought to how I can help you out. I'm here to serve, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

How much do you charge?
It depends. Every project is different, which is why I quote on a project-by-project basis. Check out the quote info section below for more quote info.

What licenses do you offer?
New illustrations are my product so I like to make the most out of every picture I create. If you're fine with me using the illustrations elsewhere (for example if I chose to make a greeting card or t-shirt from your illustrations), then I always include a single-use non-exclusive licence for free with all my quotes. Or you needed more control you could have timed exclusivity, unlimited exclusivity, unlimited useage, or a complete buyout. Just include this in your quote request if needed. There's more license information below.

What if I have my own terms and copyright needs?
No problem, send over your contract and I'll review.

What's your favorite food?
What kind of question is that? Are you even taking this FAQ seriously? Just go...

Requesting a quote is EASY. Just email me, tell me what you need, and I'll get back to you ASAP!

About your quote:
There's no set-in-stone price guide for artwork. Every project is different, so it's hard to say "illustrations of this size are always this much". Some illustrations take me 20 minutes, some take me 20 hours, so I quote on a project by project basis. Get in touch, tell me about yourself or your company, tell me about your project and what you need, and I'll get back to you with a quote. Your quote will consist of the following info:

1. Illustration Creation:
This portion of your quote covers the creation of the artwork itself, and the price range reflects the the style and complexity needed for your project. If you take a look at my GALLERY you'll see that I have many illustration styles that I work in. Some are quick to make, some aren't. If you have a style in mind for your project let me know ahead of time. Or if you have a budget to stick to be sure to let me know and I can start with a style that fits your budget.

2. License Options:
I like to provide simple clear license options for all my artwork. Almost every project I quote has these same 4 license options:
a. Single-Use Non-Exclusive License: Comes FREE with all new custom illustration projects. This license allows you to use the artwork in the manner described in your initial proposal. However if you have needs beyond this usage, or if you're not okay with me re-using your artwork elsewhere, then you'll need to upgrade to any of the following options.
b. Unlimited-Use Non-Exclusive License: Allows you to use your artwork in any way you please, as much as you wish. This license is ideal if you need to use the artwork for many things, yet don't mind if your illustrations are used/reused by me (in part or in full) for future projects.
c. Unlimited Exclusive Ownership: Allows you complete control over your artwork and exclusive usage (you're the only one who will ever get to use your illustration). This could also be referred to as a Copyright Buyout, and is ideal for projects like logos, mascots, branding, etc.
d. Timed Exclusivity: Consider this an Unlimited Exclusive Ownership "Trial-Run", a 6 month period of exclusive ownership of the artwork where you'll be the exclusive owner of the work. After the timed exclusivity has ended you'll have the option of renewing your Timed Exclusivity for another six months or upgrading to a full Unlimited Exclusive Ownership agreement.

3. Other Fees:
Most projects are only concerned with the first 2 fees. However some projects require more then plain & simple Illustration. As you'll see from my SERVICES page I offer many services besides illustration. For some projects I prefer to work on an hourly rate (NOT available upon request btw). I may request an hourly fee for any of the following services: Changes beyond delivery of the first "final" artwork, deliverable preparation, file management, graphic design (layouts, working with type, mockups, etc), animation, web services, and other non-illustration related tasks. For hourly work I have a job tracking widget that I use to track your time (charged in quarter-hour increments), so you can be sure that your rates are honest and accurate. Hours logs will be delivered with final invoice and are available at any time upon request.

All quotes are estimates, subject to change. Quotes are only valid for 30 days, and only cover the initial scope of the project. Terms of agreement and payment information are at bottom of your quote.