Freelance illustrations. Gotta love em. You get great art done by your favorite artists, and your favorite artists get paid for doing what they love. It's win-win!

I love what I do. When I work on your project, from sketch to final, your art is the most important thing in the world to me. It will be my baby, and I will love it and nurture it even though it's constantly drooling all over me. I'll choke back a tear when I send it out into the big wide world, sad yet satisfied that it's going to a good home.

In my time as a creative professional I've worked on hundreds of projects, each with their own challanges. No two projects are alike, so it's good to know that I have a variety of styles that I'm comfortable working in. Do you need something silly and cartoony? Elegant and mature? Let me know when you get in touch and your needs WILL be met.
For myself (and most folks I suspect) there's really no way to hold my attention for more than 10 seconds than with something that entertains me. Something that has moving visuals and sound and music. Something that makes me smile.

Animations come in a variety of flavors, some simple and efficient, some elaborate with maximum eyecandy. Will yours be short & sweet? An epic journey? The sky's the limit. Well, the sky and your budget.
Wouldn't your drawings look better in a logo, layout, or website? Yes. Yes they would. Art without design is like a taco without a shell, there's nothing to hold it together. Sure you can eat the taco fillings by themselves like a salad or something, but then it's not a taco anymore. And if you want a taco, a salad won't cut it.

Don't let your taco become a salad. Let me help you with your graphics, logos, website design, and all that sort of stuff!